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MSC FC Smart iGuest - Tuesday, January 07, 2014

As part of its ongoing drive to offer the best customer experience on board, MSC Cruises has adopted one of Fidelio Cruises’ latest applications - FC Smart iGuest. The app has been installed initially on board the 3960-passenger MSC Divina.

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FC Mobile Gangway - Sunday, March 10, 2013

As a generation of new mega-liners joins the world's cruise fleet and the number of passengers on board continuously increases, effective asset management has never been more important. Fidelio Cruise has developed FC Mobile Gangway, a mobile version and add-on to the company's standard SPMS Gangway Security Module. 

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SPMS- Passengers and Crew Handling

Starting at Check-in, SPMS simplifies all Passengers and Crew Handling procedures by storing all relevant personnel information, including photographs, on the central database. Frequent cruiser numbers, emergency or temporary contact details, cabin numbers, complaints and comments are all stored centrally.

Automated check-in is carried out using the cruise ticket, a credit card, passenger name or a cabin number. Groups can be catered for, using multiple guest reservations and one unique identity, if required, whilst information is stored relating to a passenger’s actual stay on board. Such details could include cabin changes, complaints, credit card encryption and transaction history. 

Click to enlarge screenshotA unique specially-encoded Onboard Card is then produced, typically the night before to reduce check-in times. These are then taken outside in preparation for the embarkation process. Any cards that need re-printing can be produced again at the pier.

As the cruise guest checks in, a photograph is taken, in line with security requirements set out in the ISPS Code. The photograph is stored on the ship’s central database whilst the unique card enables the passenger to move through security where it is either swiped or read remotely to facilitate access to the vessel. Simultaneously the image of the person crossing the gangway is displayed on the Gangway Security monitor allowing verification of the person’s identity.

Each unique card provides a permanent identity record because the Fidelio Cruise system generates a unique passenger identity number encoded into the Onboard Card. Thus, wherever crew or passenger goes on board, the Onboard Card can be used – at the gangway, for example, to board the vessel or at points of sale on board. And all charges can then be made to the personal on board account.

The card also incorporates an electronic cabin key function. For cruise ship operators, the cards provide a vital and permanent means of monitoring the location of passengers, visitors and crew – ashore or afloat. From the central database, the passenger manifest can be automatically generated whilst the system allows complete accuracy over the number of “Souls on Board” and the number of passengers and crew ashore at any point in time, as required under Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention regulations. 


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