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MSC FC Smart iGuest - Tuesday, January 07, 2014

As part of its ongoing drive to offer the best customer experience on board, MSC Cruises has adopted one of Fidelio Cruises’ latest applications - FC Smart iGuest. The app has been installed initially on board the 3960-passenger MSC Divina.

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FC Mobile Gangway - Sunday, March 10, 2013

As a generation of new mega-liners joins the world's cruise fleet and the number of passengers on board continuously increases, effective asset management has never been more important. Fidelio Cruise has developed FC Mobile Gangway, a mobile version and add-on to the company's standard SPMS Gangway Security Module. 

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Comment Card Module

Fidelio Cruise's Comment Card is one of the Ship's Property Management System stand-alone modules and has been specially designed to facilitate customers' feedback analysis in a less time-consuming and labour-intensive manner. The Guest's Comment Card forms can be scanned either on board or ashore whilst the application facilitates an immediate and accurate reporting of passengers' satisfaction levels.   

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Shipboard surveys are now potentially available at head office within hours

The integration to the Fleet Management System facilitates access to the information from shore-side offices and detailed analysis of cruise passengers’ feedback can be managed more efficiently. The survey results can be analysed using a range of criteria: fleet, ship, cruise, itinerary, date and so on.  

Fidelio Cruise’s Comment Card Module is a highly effective and extremely fast solution to the growing challenge of handling customers' feedback and offers scope to customise survey forms, print them on board and analyse the results in a matter of hours. The software is capable of recognising both Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) whilst hand-written comments can be scanned, stored and viewed as required.

Fidelio Cruise's Comment Card Module Features include:

» Generation of personalised surveys;

» Ability to process large numbers of forms in a very short time;

» Opportunity to cut the number of Comment Card analysts;

» Space to store large numbers of historical survey results in a form that lends itself to analysis across a range of different parameters;

» Scope to analyse scanned-in Comment Cards which can be customised and printed on board; 

 » The Module removes all the lengthy manual processing and cuts the margin for error.

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